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Technology Asset Disposal Procedure

  1. Please complete a Technology Asset for Disposal form and fill out all requested information for each item being surplused.
  2. Attach the forms to the surplused items.
  3. For keyboards, speakers, and mice that are combined with a CPU, please indicate in the "Other Pertinent Information" box whether they work.  There doesn't need to be a separate form, but make sure they are kept with the CPU and labeled with the barcode of the CPU (masking tape or Post-It should suffice).
  4. Take items to be surplused to the technology closet and ask Mrs. Vasquez or Mrs. Morton to let you in.
  5. All items to be surplused need to go on the "Items to Be Surplused" shelf to the right rear of the closet.
  6. Email the tech liaison, Mrs. Spresser, to notify her when you have done this.

Please remember that you should not dispose of any CPU that will be replaced without first receiving its replacement. If unsure, ask Mrs. Spresser.

Additionally, you should never surplus an item that hasn't been replaced without first placing a work order to have it repaired. If it is irreparable, Mrs. Spresser will let you know and ask you to surplus it at that time.