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Submitting a Technology Work Order

  1. If you are experiencing issues with any technology in your room, your first course of action is to complete a work order.
  2. Fill in the work order completely, being as detailed as possible.
  3. Submit the work order to the tech liaison, Mrs. Spresser, either by saving it and emailing it to, by printing it and putting it in her mailbox, or by submitting a work order online.
  4. Mrs. Spresser will attend to your technology problem or submit it to the county technician for resolution as soon as possible and let you know its status.
  5. If a technician from the county comes to resolve your problem, please email Mrs. Spresser to let her know the work order has been completed.

You should not remove an item from use without first placing a work order to have it repaired. If it is irreparable, Mrs. Spresser will let you know and ask you to surplus it at that time.