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Zack Spears Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Physics Honors, STEM I, STEM II, STEM III


I graduated from Cascade and went on to MTSU where I got my Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics and my Master's of Science in Computer Science. I am currently finishing up work on my doctorate in Computational Science with a concentration in Computational Physics.


I worked at the MTSU Math Department and Student Athlete Enhancement Center for 8 years. I was a Math tutor and taught College Algebra, Math for General Studies and Statistics. I also co-taught Number Theory and Graph Theory for a semester. I have also spent the past 3 summers and last fall working as a Computational Physicist for the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC. 


Cascade is like home to me. I grew up here and enjoy being able to be back again. I went to MTSU for undergrad and graduate school. I have a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master's in Computer Science. 


My actual Website is located at