1984- Down with Big Brother!!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
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Look and see what Mrs. Spresser's English III students are doing!

Students read 1984 in sections and discussed it in Socratic seminar once a week, with a final Socratic seminar over the whole book (this picture). During students’ reading, they played a four-day game where students were given a list of rules to follow as members of the Party, identified by their Party buttons. Most students were members of the Outer Party, but some anonymous students were Thought Police and were to report thought crimes (any violation of the game rules). Thought Police reported to Big Brother on thought crimes daily. The list of infractions was read daily in front of the class, and the guilty were called out in front of class. The purpose was to have students, through experience, relate to the life of suppression that Winston Smith leads in 1984, with constant fear of not embarrassment (which is all our participants were subjected to) but elimination from society. As a culminating assignment, students are writing a paper discussing their experience of the game as it relates to the characters, plot, and themes of the book.

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