One Legged Chickens Now Have Hope!!- Check out what our Veterinary Science and Stem II classes have collaborated on!
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Friday, September 16, 2016
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Veterinary Science and the Stem II collaborate to fit a prosthetic leg on a chicken.



The Veterinary Science class and the STEM II classes have worked together in developing a prototype for a prosthetic leg for a chicken. The agriculture students studied the muscle, bone, tendon and joint structure of the chicken. They presented their research to Mr. Spears’ STEM II class to aid in the development of a prosthetic limb to be printed by a 3-D printer. The STEM II class studies the movements of a chicken leg in walking and scratching and designed multiple ideas before voting on the best implementation of a prosthetic and building a prototype. The STEM II class then presented their research to the Veterinary Science class, discussing their need for the tendons to be present for their prototype to attach correctly.


The Vet Science class spent two days dissecting chicken leg quarters to understand the anatomy of the leg, how it works and developing their technique for a successful amputation of the ankle.


On Friday, September 9th the two focus areas were successful in fitting a chicken leg quarter with a 3-D printed prosthetic leg.


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