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Home of the Black Curtain Players

Cast for The Wizard of Oz...and Toto, Too!

May 10-11  2018 



Old Toto: Grant Countess

Dorothy: Larissa Collet

Young Toto: Connor Hosford

Glinda, Witch of the North: Aidan Williams

Wicked Witch of the West: Fayth Dennis

Scarecrow: Cody Hodge

Tin Woodsman: Skyla Levine

Cowardly Lion: Hope Dennis

Wizard of Oz: Lake Carter

Puppy 1: Emma Simons

Puppy 2: Juliana Slusher

Ninja Munchkin/Monkey 1: John Widener

Munchkin 1: Makayla Sutter

Munchkin 2: Emily Henson

Gulch/Flower: Bryce Ware

Gulch's Mom: Sara Beth Glover

Guardian at the Gates: Savannah Williams

Monkeys: Hollister Engle, Will Derrickson, Shade williams

Tech Crew: Adam Gilliland, Meg McKee