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School Counseling
Ms. Debbie Watkins, 9-12 School Counselor Phone Icon (931) 389-9389 Email Icon Email
  Mrs. Jessica Waggoner, Graduation Coach / RTI & Testing Coordinator Phone Icon (931) 389-9389 Email Icon Email

Welcome to the Guidance Homepage!

Seniors, find the information you need here:

  1. Please check back soon for the 2017-2018 Senior Catalog.
  2. Scholarship deadlines will be soon be listed on the Guidance Calendar. A complete list of scholarship deadlines may also be downloaded from here from the Senior Documents menu.
  3. Scholarships applications that are available via the internet may be found under the LINKS menu.
  4. Applications that are not available via website have been scanned and are available for printing under the Scholarship Applications menu.


Scholarships, whether academic or athletic, are awarded to a student based on the criteria set forth by the awarding agency. The criteria usually includes, but is not limited to, the following information: GPA, ACT or SAT, class rank, demonstrated overall ability in academic/athletics, extracurricular activities with emphasis upon leadership, community involvement, and sometimes the financial need of the student. The scholarships may require essays, interviews, and special applications. You should recognize that scholarships are very competitive and will almost always go through a selection process.

Please understand that neither Cascade High School nor the counselor makes the final decision as to who receives scholarships. This is done only by the awarding agency. It is important for you to understand that since many students are applying for same scholarships, the competition is usually very great. Therefore, I highly encourage you to apply for every scholarship for which you qualify.

YOU are responsible for applying and meeting all the deadlines required by each scholarship agency. I will gladly help you in every way possible, but it is up to you to secure and implement the process.